osvaldo cibils

CUEROS 2014 
Little abstract objects made of leather.

The series CUEROS 2014 corresponding to the year 2014, is made with leather fragments taken from cows from República Oriental del Uruguay.

The leather fragments were found in 1999 and transported to Italy in 2005 by the artist osvaldo cibils. During all this period the leather fragments have been exposed to an arbitrary treatment of time and environmental abandonment.

The series CUEROS 2014 is composed by 34 objects made of leather distributed in 11 wooden boxes painted in white and transparent acrylic (10 boxes of 52,5 x 27 x 10,5 cms and a box of 83 x 40,5 x 10,5 cms.)

The series CUEROS 2014 was made between October 2013 and January 2014 in Trento (TN) Italia.

With a clear intercultural intention, the artist osvaldo cibils extends the rural history of his country recovering the artisan traditions and cultural remnants to transmute them in a contemporary art piece.

At the beginning of the XVII century the habitat, the demography and the customs of the Uruguayan indigenous were modified by the cows and horses that the Europeans abandoned in the territory were República Oriental del Uruguay is settled.


CUEROS2014. CentrA. Centro Studi e Documentazione. Trento (TN) Italia.

CUEROS series and exhibitions.

CUEROS 2014 series 5. Solo exhibition, curated by Tommaso Decarli. Galleria d'Arte. CentrA. Centro Studi e Documentazione Arte Moderna e Contemporanea. Trento, Italia. Year 2014.
CUEROS 2001 series 4. Collective exihibition. National Museum of Visual Arts. Montevideo, Uruguay. Contest 49° National Room of Visual Arts. Prize of the Ministry of International Affairs, acquisition prize. Year 2001.
CUEROS 2000 series 3. Collective exhibition. Contest of Banco Hipotecario del Uruguay. Montevideo, Uruguay. First prize, acquisition prize. Year 2000.
CUEROS 1999 series 2. Collective exhibition. Artist selected to participate in the I Salón Internacional de Arte, SIART'99. La Paz, Bolivia. Special mention in no traditional techniques. Year 1999.
CUEROS 1998 series 1. Collective exhibition, curated by Angel Kalenberg. Artist selected to represent Uruguay in the II Bienal de Artes Visuales del Mercosur. Porto Alegre, Brasil. Year 1999.
CUEROS 1998 series 1. Solo exhibition, curated by Mario Sagradini. Top floor of the Cultural Center of the Ministery of Education and Culture. Montevideo, Uruguay. Year 1998.

osvaldo cibils. 1961. Artist born in Montevideo, Uruguay. He lives in Trento, Italia. His artworks are oriented to drawing, soundart, shortlow videos and the development of experimental ideas mainly.